Overo is a complete digital handover solution for real estate professionals.

Improve handover efficiency and reduce manual work with a fully customizable, company-branded solution.

With Overo, you can build confidence with your customers by giving them the experience of a smooth and efficient handover – and elevate the way you work.

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How it works

With Overo, real estate agents can connect homebuyers and sellers for a seamless, secure and transparent handover process.

Overo takes care of all the steps of a handover from planning and executing to completing a property sale – including secure signing of contracts.

Overo also offers a simple solution for managing all the key aspects of moving house such as setting up utilities, packing, transportation, cleaning and other services.

One solution, three options

With three setup options to choose from, Overo covers a wide range of customer needs and enables property professionals to build fully customizable, company-branded experiences for each property listing.




Overo Flow is a state-of-the-art tool that will transform the way you sell properties. With Overo Flow, you can offer your customers a choice of relevant services from your commercial partners such as moving assistance, cleaning, house alarm and other essentials.



Overo Protocol is a digital handover tool that includes all the key elements needed for a simple, efficient and safe property handover.

Overo Protocol is used at the time of the property handover.



Offer your customers the most comprehensive, seamless handover experience with Overo Complete.

Be part of the fastest growing prop-tech company Overo Get in touch for a demo of our solutions.

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