Where the journey started

The Overo team comes from the background of property technology.

Having over a decade of experience on the property scene, in 2015, we created the first digital real estate handover protocol service for the Norwegian market. At that time, the Norwegian property scene was far from being digitalized. Most of real estate transactions were agreed upon verbally and later executed with traditional paper forms and filed for storage.

It wasn’t practical and did not meet customers’ expectations. So we did something about that. Today, 10 out of 10 transactions in Norway are digital.

Building on that experience, we have created Overo, a solution that offers the most comprehensive digital property handover experience – in Norway and worldwide.

Management team

André Fenger

CEO & Partner

Fabian Damhaug

Partner & Partner relations

Christian Albert Berg

Adm. Director Finn eiendom as Adm / Owner Privatmegleren, Director board of directors Buysure

Tobias Westby

Key Account Manager

Morten Buskop

ICT Entrepreneur & Business Developer

Jørgen Pleym Ulvness

Director / CEO : Obligo Real Estate

Hanna Heggdal

Head of support